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Modern Job Development

This online course teaches everything you need to know to help a person with a disability get a job! Modern Job Development (MJD) gives you the skills, tools and proof you need to to change the employment rate of people with disabilities. Want to help one person get a job, or devote your entire career? MJD is for you! CESP CEUs available.

"Thank you for creating this easily digestable training... wish it had been available several years ago when I started out as a job coach. Coming from a social service background I was blinded to the reality that business, especially for profit business, operated differently, had their own language, and had limited, to no knowledge, about the people I served or the services I hocked: namely job coaching and job carving.


This terminology was familiar to me, but not to the businesses I approached. They had no idea what I was talking about... we were, in fact, speaking different languages. I addressed this difference by providing more information related to my industry, which only created more confusion and lessened the likelihood that they wanted to do business with me."


- MJD Course Attendee

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Tactics to Find Companies that Want to Hire People with Disabilities

This mini course provides a limited amount of content to help anyone better find and communicate with companies. Everyone is aware of the labor shortage. But few know about the amazing potential people with disabilities offer. Help companies find this source through the tactics and information here!

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Masterclasses for Employing People with Disabilities


Masterclasses for Employing people with disabilities provides free 30 minute sessions focused on various information useful when trying to employ more people with disabilities.

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Disability Awareness

A course on disability awareness that's memorable and effective for everyone!

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Disability Awareness Fast Track

This course is designed for those who want more information about being comfortable and confident around people with disabilities, but don't have the time to take the full course.

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