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Employing People with Disabilities Stabilizes Your Entire Workforce

Stabilize Your Workforce

Intentionally employing people with disabilities stabilizes your workforce.

Similar to Improving Retention

Employing people with disabilities have lower turnover and that then impacts the retention of all employees. The ripple effect of decreasing turnover by employing a group of people with higher retention also influences turnover behavior of all.

Turnover Impacts Workplace Chaos

It creates stress and anxiety to distract efforts towards productivity. It has direct influence over the workload of those who remain, either in lowering quality of customer service or in overworking the current employees. Even if replacement is fast-paced, overcompensation is required for current employees to make up for the ever-present learning curve of the new ones. This is a unique aspect of turnover - it causes more turnover. "A culture of high turnover feeds off itself, leading to lower and lower retention rates. It can be hard to manage a workforce constantly in flux".

It's Not the Only Cure, but It Helps

The symptoms of turnover are many, but by infusing the workforce with people with disabilities (a population known to have much lower turnover) a company can stabilize the workforce and help to stop the hemorrhage of existing employees. Intentionally hiring people with disabilities also creates a loyalty and influences the culture of the workplace, but that is the topic for our next blog in this series!

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