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To 2019 and Beyond!!

Now is when I start to think about resolutions. I prefer to be thoughtful about mine and that usually means I kind of "stack the deck", so I can hit the ground running on January 1. In past years, if weight loss was going to be the goal, I would research and then join a good gym, ask for new running shoes for Christmas, start stretching and doing yoga so that I was limber and ready to hit the ground running.

Would you love to see 2019 improve the employment rate of people with disabilities? Well, so would I. We all watch the monthly reports (on the employment rate of people with disabilities) and hope for good numbers. Which lately, has been increasing (yippee!) Would you like to contribute to that? Of course, you would!!!

So, let’s get ready!!

There are dozens of trainings devoted to teaching how to help a person with a disability find a job. I created one that’s pretty different. My course assumes you know how to tap into the talents and interests of the person with a disability. If you don’t… well that’s truly your first step, then come back and take my course.

Most trainers try to parallel job development with sales because they haven’t worked on the “employer” side of the equation, and therefore, they see job development as simply transactional. As a result, most (all) job development courses will throw in a short sales primer. But it’s just not that similar. And in my experience, this rarely works and/or doesn't result in multiple placements at the same employer. So, let’s be more efficient in our approach and use tactics that actually work. In January 2019, I will launch a full course featuring a system based on business’ successful experience partnering with advocates and service providers (in order to employ more people with disabilities), something I call "Companies that want to Hire People with Disabilities". But until then, I have a mini-course that only takes 1 hour and offers 6 quick tactics. It's on-line and self-paced. Here's the page on my website with the link to the course and a

you can download for 50% off (the price you pay for the mini-course will be credited toward the full course purchase if you decide you want the entire effective and efficient system).

Here’s to December prepping us for making 2019 the most disability inclusive year EVER!

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