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How To Employ People With Disabilities

This is the second most common question that's asked and there is a proven methodology that you can implement in your workplace today.

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The road to disability inclusion appears using this method created by Deb Russell

APPEARS™ is the proven methodology that has helped over 100 companies successfully employ PWD. Disability Inclusion doesn't happen by mistake.  It requires an engineered approach toward systems change, review of processes, and people willing to do things differently. But it doesn't require big expense. Focus, intention and an open mind are the key requirements


Interested in a "Do It Yourself Method"?  


As co-author, I recommend downloading The Disability, Inclusion & Employment Guide.

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The Masterclass Series That Answers These Common Questions

What should we/I know?

Top things you should know about employing PWD.

Are we ready? 

Keys to preparing your company to employ PWD.

How do we/I know they really are people with disabilities? 

Ways to encourage employees and applicants to disclose their disability status.

Where do we/I find them?

Secrets to tapping into the millions of potential candidates with disabilities.

Will managers get on board? 

Simple steps to help managers feel more comfortable hiring and managing PWD. 

How does it all fit together? 

Approaches to a disability inclusive workforce.

Ready or Not! Disability Awareness

The Blog Series That Addresses Your Readiness to Hire PWD


Walgreens has been employing people with disabilities at a significant scale for over 10 years! They have been covered extensively by the mainstream media for their approach. Research and data have been collected and analyzed to confirm their results. 

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