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Celebrating the organizations who transformed with the help of Deb Russell

In business and in the community, Russell is an expert in corporate disability inclusion. She's testified to Congress and spoken both nationally and internationally about breaking down employment and awareness barriers. Russell is well-versed in advising companies across multiple industries and is a seasoned strategy developer - assisting in strategy development for 11 Fortune 100 companies and 50+ Fortune 1000 companies.

Canadian Agricultural Processing Co-Op

In a private-public partnership between the Alberta government and a private business, Deb Russell Inc. was asked to create a blueprint for small business to become more inclusive. Deb visited a high standard production worksite and met with management several times. In addition, a review of the public support available for disability inclusion was incorporated into a complete, yet simplified, blueprint for an action plan. The comprehensive plan included on-demand training, clear communication strategy, culture enhancement, process improvement, expanded recruiting, and disability-community relationship development.

Global Business Services North American Operations

A business services company with a unique and challenging business modelengaged with Deb Russell Inc. to create a comprehensive playbook for their700+ U.S. facilities to offer a disability inclusive workforce to their 125,000+customers. Creating a very flexible model that incorporated the variety ofoperations, employee base, employment model and size of location took somework, but the result was a thorough toolbox with guidance for site leaders tosupport implementation.

Industries Following Walgreens Model for Success

More than 40 retailers have engaged with Deb Russell Inc. to leverage her expertise with the success at Walgreens to customize her knowledgebase into a model that would work within their company structures and policies.  She has provided their supply chain and retail divisions with strategy, implementation support and sustainable programs to increase their inclusion of people with disabilities in their workforce.


Manufacturers now have followed retail

More than 15 manufacturing corporations have also engaged with Deb Russell Inc. to translate the Walgreens Model into their industry practices.  Again, strategy, implementation support, and sustainable programs were created to increase their inclusion of people with disabilities in their workforce.  Unique to manufacturing is the common practice of leveraging third parties to staff the operations and the necessity to incorporate multiple partners in a comprehensive plan.

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