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Together we can bridge the gap between business and disability.

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Modern Job Development
In need of up-to-date job development strategies?
Learn how to exponentially improve your placement outcomes through Modern Job Development’s self-paced, online training course.
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Finding Companies That Want to Hire PWD
Have you ever wondered how to find companies that want to hire people with disabilities?
The companies are out there, and this FREE mini course will help you find them!

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Agencies & Schools
For agencies, schools and others helping people with disabilities find work, here are a few pieces to help you be more effective with employers:


Learn about the Top 5 mistakes job developers make and how to avoid them.


Learn about the 4 things employers expect from people with disabilites.


Learn about the 5 C's for a successful partnership between disability services and agencies and employers,

Why Is Disability Inclusion Important?

Decrease Turnover

Companies report improving retention from 14-130%


Improve Safety/Security

Decrease workers comp related costs (days away, medical and indemnity) up to 77%.

Employees report less bullying in an inclusive work environment.


Increase Workforce Stability

Companies have reported that a stable department demonstrates up to 15% better productivity.


Improve Brand

Inclusive companies are preferred by 80% of job seekers and 92% of consumers. The average annual stock returns (of companies in disability markets) have outperformed the broader market by 2.52% since 2012.


Increase Labor Pool

The US DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting of available labor does not include at least 10 million Americans.



US federal contractors are required to demonstrate efforts and result for recruiting, developing and retaining individuals with disabilities.


More Efficient Management

Using adaptive and organizational learning has shown an increase in operational performance up to 20%.


Social Impact

People (including corporate leaders) recognize that intentionally extending employment to people with disabilities has impact on society at large and individually.

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